Welcome to Conquest Aion!


Here at ConquestAion we have a decent well rounded community, consisting of players from all around the world.

Come and immerse yourself in our unique style of PvPvE and enjoy daily events held by our GameMasters.

Whether you enjoy hard core PvP, doing instances, questing, or taking fortresses you will always find something to do on our fully working 4.5 server.

We have a fully working housing system, stigma system, custom chat channels, set bonuses, mounts, a unique marriage system, fully scripted instances, fully working geodata, arenas, Starter Packs, PvP rewards and online rewards, for all that hard time you spend gaming!

We hope you enjoy your time here with us, our staff is here to help with any question or concerns you may have and to help you enjoy your stay.


11.04.2014 Update

  • Fixed Abyss Points Glory Points

  • Fixed Global Rank

  • Fixed Altered status

  • Fixed Gunslinger Attack

  • Fixed Aethertech skills (too many to list)

  • Fixed Chanter/Cleric Chain Bug

  • Fixed Attack Speed Cap

  • Fixed NPCs Trade lists

  • Fixed Ingameshop Toll count

Pretty sure im missing a lot of other stuff, ill list everything on the next update.

Still working on other things that i have to finish but i believe those were the most important ones, new items and sellers will be added soon to the game.

Dont forget to update your clients to to avoid issues and visual bugs no downgrades allowed! O.O

Dont forget to support the server by voting as much as you can, double vote toll ends April 16 :ohstopyou:


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