ConquestAION deserves a closure.


Well, ConquestAION has been offline for several months now, and everyone have been feeding off rumours, or simply left in the dark.

The actual reason for the shutdown remains unknown in my eyes, there are rumours that Frank aka Alpha had died. All I know is, Frank was a friend of mine, and we created CQ together.

Are the rumours true? I have no idea.

We started CQ after being "retired" players of GamezAION, one day I randomly logged in to see if anyone familiar is online, and I saw Frank, and we started talking.

I don't really remember the entire content of that conversation, and I'm sure you don't care anyway. What I do remember is that I told Frank, hey, what if we start our own server? I'm sure we can do tons better than those guys, will all the money greed to the point that new players can only succeed if they donate.

I immediately started looking for a small VPS to hold the server, purchased something of about 5$ worth a month that the entire dedicated machine kept getting DDoSed all the time.

Anyway, Frank invited over Harold (probably only the few very old players remember him), he had a bunch of nicknames, last one was 'Jesus' if I recall, and Katie aka Yoruichi.

Harold really helped getting a head start by investing hundreds of dollars on a core and a decent server. so from a crappy VPS, we had purchased a powerful dedicated server at OVH.

So the server was running from Dec, 09 2011, and it has ALOT of ups and downs, with peaks of around 150 players online, to times when we had maybe 5 online, or less.

All of which usually caused by our inability to obtain new NCSoft versions in time, while the other competitors got it immediately, or soon after it was released in North America.

CQ had some amazing exclusive in-game systems and events, written by me and Frank, which we gave so many sleepless nights, and spent so many hours on doing, although, at the last year or so, Frank did pretty much everything by himself, and I do appreciate all the work you've done, with me or alone, whether you're alive to read this or not.


I don't know if any of the old players still visit this domain from time to time, but I had to re-own it and give ConquestAION a proper closure, after all it has been a major part of my life for several years.


Conquest Aion 2011-2014


Special Thanks To:








And all the rest of the staff members who gave their soul for the server and the community! Thank You!

A Big thanks for all the people who donated over the years as well, for keeping the server going.

Feel free to visit the forums and share your thoughts.